Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Food For Thought For All Seasons


VOLUNTERISM should be the underlying motivation for joining any organization, civic, religious, political, NGO's or homeowners' association or any group activities for that matter. One joins an organization to accomplish a goal/mission for the greater good to the greatest number.

VOLUNTERISM means service. Service means work. And work means SACRIFICE!

VOLUNTERISM in religious organizations does not mean: "pagkatapos ng Misa, tuloy sa LAMESA!" It does not mean gaining POWER/PRESTIGE, above things, RECOGNITION. Or any other physical advantage. It means serving the community- an in so doing, serving God. Especially the poor. For as long as you did it TO THE LEAST OF BRETHREN YOU DID IT TO ME!

VOLUNTERISM in civic/NGO's/HOMEOWNERS Association, also does not mean power, pretige, money or other material things. It does not mean enjoying free food, drinks and transportation for attending meetings, running errands or any other activities in behalf of the organization. It means service for the greater good to the greatest number.

VOLUNTERISM in political organizations does not mean public exposure to gain political advantage. It means expressing issues for the good of the public and the community at large and the nation.

Unfortunately, however, VOLUNTERISM is dying, and in some sectors, dead! Like the "bayanihan" of the old.

How do we revive this laudable culture of volunterism?

The ANSWER: Back to BASIC TEN (10)! The universally accepted tenets of MORALITY given by our God, our Lord and Master- our Creator. The basic lessons of which are LOVE, SACRIFICE, SHARING - and VOLUNTERISM!

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