Friday, November 23, 2007

Movement Towards Moral Recovery

JDV's call for a moral revolution is nothing new!

As early as 1987, right after EDSA I, a core group of concerned citizens initiated and launched a movement called a "MOVEMENT" TOWARDS MORAL RECOVERY "(MMR)"

These intrepid citizens are: Dr. Cynthia Bautista (Third Word Studies Center,UP), Dr. Ma. Lourdes Carandang (Psychology Dep't, Ateneo), Dr. Doreen Fernandez (Communications Dep't, Ateneo), Dr. Carolina Hernandez (Center for Integrated and Development Studies, UP), Dr. Lourdes Ignacio (College of Medicine, UP), Dr. Patricia Jieuanan (Political Science Dep't, UP), Prof. Carmela Ortigas (Psychology
Dep't, Ateneo), Dr. Antonio Perlas (Dep't of Health, Pfizer, Inc.), Dr. Carol Sobritebea (Asian Center, UP), and other prominent leaders like Shahani Ramos, Heherson T. Alvarez etc.

Their first action was to define the major problems/ issues facing the nation then. They came up with 16. On the top list was GRAFT and CORRUPTION. Most, if not all, consist of social, economic and even cultural problems interconnected with moral issues.

The movement soon fizzled out! Why? The movement did not catch fire because at that time, the people were still savoring the euphoria of the EDSA victory and optimistic that reforms will inevitably follow. Now, it is as if EDSA never happened and we are back to square one!

It is most urgent that we revive the MMR, making sure, however that it is spear headed by organizations/people who are not politicians, or connected with political parties, like people who launched this movement or organizations such as the PPCRV, CBCP, or the KILOSBAYAN and NGO's with out political links.